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ToxOut™ High Capacity Endotoxin Removal Agarose

5 ml settled resin that can effectively decrease high concentration to levels lower than < 0.05 EU/ml without using toxic buffers while maintaining the protein recovery rate at >97%.
Catalog #: 7942

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Product Details

Cat # +Size 7942-5
Size 5 ml
Highlights • High Binding Capacity: up to 1.5 x 109 EU/ml resin
• High Sample Recovery: ~97% recovery with protein solution samples
• Resin Content: affinity matrix of poly-ε-lysine, supplied as 50% slurry in 20% ethanol
• ToxOutTM High Capacity Endotoxin Removal Agarose can be reused up to 5 times
Storage Conditions 4°C. Do not freeze.
Shipping Conditions Gel Pack
USAGE For Research Use Only! Not For Use in Humans.


Endotoxin is the lipopolysaccharide (LPS) complex located in the outer membrane of gram-negative bacteria. A single E.coli bacterium contains ~2 million LPS molecules (2 – 20 fg/cell). During experimental procedures, large amount of endotoxins are shed and can easily contaminate labware, buffers and downstream products. In vitro, endotoxin causes a variety of problems in cell-based research. In vivo, endotoxin may cause various side effects, including inflammatory response, organ failure or septic shock in host organisms. Therefore, it is critical to remove endotoxin from samples and products. BioVision‘s ToxOut™ High Capacity Endotoxin Removal Agarose can effectively eliminate high concentration endotoxin to < 0.05 EU/ml in solutions containing proteins or pharmacologically important components without using toxic buffers while maintain the protein recovery rate at >97%. BioVision‘s ToxOut™ High Capacity Endotoxin Removal Agarose is using poly-ε-lysine as affinity ligand. It is a safe, nontoxic food preservative known for capturing endotoxin and preventing toxic effects.

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