Teriffic Broth

Culture medium for E.Coli
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Product Details

Highlights ● For molecular genetic studies
● High quality
● Excellent growth medium for E.Coli
Storage Conditions RT
Shipping Conditions RT
USAGE For Research Use Only! Not For Use in Humans.


BioVision’s Terrific Broth is used with glycerol in cultivating recombinant strains of E. coli. Terrific broth is a highly enriched medium for improving yield in plasmid bearing E. coli. Recombinant strains have an extended growth phase in this medium. The addition of tryptone and yeast extract in the medium will allow higher plasmid yield per volume. Glycerol is used as a carbohydrate source in this formulation. Unlike glucose, glycerol is not fermented to acetic acid.

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