SIRT4 (GST-tagged), Human recombinant

Intracellular regulatory proteins with mono-ADP-ribosyltransferase activity.
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Product Details

Alternate Name SIR2-like Protein 4; NAD-dependent ADP-ribosyltransferase Sirtuin 4; SIR2L4; Silent Information Regulator 4; Sirtuin 4
Gene Symbol SIRT4
Gene ID 23409
Accession # Q9Y6E7
Source E. coli
Appearance Liquid
Physical Form Description 50 mM sodium phosphate, pH 7.2, 100 mM sodium chloride, 2.5 mM DTT, 20% glycerol.
Molecular Weight 61.9 kDa (NT GST Tag)
Purity by SDS-PAGE ≥95%
Handling Centrifuge the vial prior to opening.
Storage Conditions -80°C
Shipping Conditions Dry Ice
USAGE For Research Use Only! Not to be used in humans


There are seven human sirtuins, also known as class III HDACs, which have been designated SIRT1 to SIRT7. Each is involved in various post-translational modifications by utilizing NAD dependent deacetylase and APD-ribosyltransferase activities. SIRT4 is a mitochondrial ADP-ribosyltransferase responsible for the transfer of ADP-ribose from NAD to specific substrates such as glutamate dehydrogenase (GDH). In caloric-sufficient conditions, SIRT4 ADP-ribosylates GDH, repressing its activity and correspondingly decreasing insulin secretion. There is some uncertainty about the relevance of sirtuin ribosyl transferase activity due to its very slow rate, which is about 500 times lower than the corresponding deacetylation reaction (for those that have been characterized). SIRT4 is found in many tissues, but is specifically enriched in the kidney, heart, brain, and liver.

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