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QuickDetect™ Leptin (Human) ELISA Kit

A rapid sandwich ELISA kit for the quantitative measurement of Leptin in human serum, plasma, urine, cell culture samples and other biological fluid
Catalog #: E4449

Product Details

Cat # +Size E4449-100
Size 100 assays
Kit Summary • Detection method- Absorbance (450 nm)
• Species reactivity- human
• Application- quantitative measurement of Leptin in serum, plasma, urine, cell culture samples, tissue samples
Detection Method Absorbance (450 nm)
Species Reactivity Human
Applications This ELISA kit is used for quantitative measurement of total Leptin in human serum, plasma, urine, cell culture samples, biological fluid.
Features & Benefits • Easy, convenient and time-saving method to measure the level of PK in human Serum, plasma, urine, cell culture samples, biological fluid.
• Detection Range: 35 - 2000 pg/ml
• Sensitivity: < 12 pg/ml
• Cross Reactivity: No significant cross-reactivity or interference between this analyte and its analogues was observed.
Kit Components • Micro ELISA strip-plate
• Standard
• Standard diluent
• HRP- Conjugate reagent
• Sample diluent
• Chromogen Solution A
• Chromogen Solution B
• Stop Solution
• Wash buffer (30X)
• Plate sealers
Storage Conditions 4°C
Shipping Conditions Gel Pack
USAGE For Research Use Only! Not For Use in Humans.


Leptin, the "satiety hormone", is a hormone made by adipose cells that helps to regulate energy balance by inhibiting hunger. Leptin is opposed by the actions of the hormone ghrelin, the "hunger hormone". Both hormones act on receptors in the arcuate nucleus of the hypothalamus to regulate appetite to achieve energy homeostasis. In obesity, a decreased sensitivity to leptin occurs, resulting in an inability to detect satiety despite high energy stores. BioVision’s Leptin ELISA kit is a sandwich ELISA assay for the quantitative measurement of Leptin in human serum, plasma and cell culture supernatants in 90 minutes. The density of color is proportional to the amount of Leptin captured from the samples.

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