Propidium Iodide

A nucleic acid stain

1056 is available from Abcam as ab14083.
Catalog #: 1056 | abID: ab14083

Product Details

abID ab14083
Cat # +Size 1056-1
Size 1 ml
Alternate Name 3,8-Diamino-5-[3-(diethylmethylammonio)propyl]-6-phenylphenanthridinium diiodide, PI
Appearance Liquid
Formulation PBS ( 1 mg/ml)
CAS # 25535-16-4
Molecular Formula C₂₇H₃₄I₂N₄
Molecular Weight 668.39
SMILES CC[N+](C)(CC)CCC[N+]1=C2C=C(C=CC2=C3C=CC(=CC3=C1C4=CC=CC=C4)N)N.[I-].[I-]
InChi InChI=1S/C27H33N4.2HI/c1-4-31(3,5-2)17-9-16-30-26-19-22(29)13-15-24(26)23-14-12-21(28)18-25(23)27(30)20-10-7-6-8-11-20;;/h6-8,10-15,18-19,29H,4-5,9,16-17,28H2,1-3H3;2*1H/q+1;;/p-1
PubChem CID 104981
MDL Number MFCD00011921
Handling Protect from light and moisture
Storage Conditions 4°C
Shipping Conditions Gel Pack
USAGE For Research Use Only! Not For Use in Humans.


Propidium Iodide (PI) binds to double-stranded DNA, but it can only cross the plasma membrane of nonviable cells. When viewed using a fluorescence microscope with a rhodamine filter, cells that have lost membrane integrity will show red PI staining throughout the nuclei. For analysis by flow cytometry, the PI staining can be monitored in FL2 channel.

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