Protein Extraction & Purification

BioVision's Protein Extraction and Purification Product Line contains antibiotics, cell lysis agents for bacterial cells, cell fraction kits, detergents, phosphatase and protease inhibitor cocktails, tag antibodies and protein quantitation kits. The fraction kits allow for separation of cytosolic, organellar, mitochondrial, nuclear, plasma membrane and cytoskeletal fractions. In addition, kits are included for isolation of genomic and/or mitochondrial DNA. Our detergent line includes high quality nonionic detergents (NP-40, Triton X-100, Tween-20, Tween-80, OG, OTG), a zwittergent detergents (CHAPS, ASB-14, Sulfobetaine 3-16) and an ionic detergent (SDS). The phosphatase and protease inhibitor cocktails are offered as ready to use formulations and encompass a wide variety and combinatorial forms which include both phosphatase and protease inhibitors. Our tag antibody line includes GST-, His-, HA-, S-, CBP-, DYDDDDK- and Myc-tag antibodies, while the anti-HA-tag antibodies are also offered with biotin or FITC conjugates. Finally, our protein quantification kits include both BCA-based and Bradford-type protein analysis.

Protein Extraction & Purification Categories