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QPCR Master Mixes

BioVision's 2X QPCR MasterMix provides all the ingredients necessary for quantitative PCR in a premixed and optimized format. Available with the option of ROX or fluorescein as the internal passive reference dye, 2X QPCR MasterMix offers unparalleled performance in sensitivity, signal-to-noise ratio, and complete elimination of primer dimers. Due to the design variations of QPCR instruments from different manufacturers, our 2X QPCR MasterMix formulations are optimized for different QPCR instruments available in the market. Each Master Mix is preconfigured with a reference dye specific for a particular instrument. Thus, the customers get to choose what works best for their instrument while having the advantage of using a reference dye. Different companies optimized their instruments with different reference dyes (ROX, Fluorescein, etc). Please refer to our QPCR Master Mix selection guide table for selecting the appropriate QPCR formulations applicable to your particular instrument model. BioVision's QPCR Master Mixes guarantees high-performance real-time PCR. BioVision also offers a QPCR Positive Control Kit (Cat# M1126-100).

Key Features:

  • Ready-To-Use 2X QPCR Master Mixes; Cost-Effective
  • Enable Streamlined Protocol, Simple Reaction Set Up
  • Guaranteed High Performance Real-Time PCR 
  • Highly Sensitive, Signal-to-Noise Ratio, Complete Elimination of Primer Dimers
  • Allow Accurate Quantification Gene Targets
  • Broad Range of QPCR Mixes: Accommodates a wide range of DNA templates and performance needs

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 Jade™ Master Mix
 For hot start PCR, conferring a significant reduction in non-specific PCR amplification
 Jade Express™ Mix
 For ultrafast PCR, conferring a significant reduction to the overall QPCR quantification and detection time thus streamlining the experiment through cost and labor saving.
 Jade Smart™ Mix
 To amplify DNA targets with varying lengths, GC contents and to overcome DNA fragments that lead to problematic secondary structures
 Jade miRNA™ Mix
 For quantitative real time analysis of miRNA obtained from RNA samples
 Taqman Master Mix
 For TaqMan probe-based real-time PCR analysis of DNA. Superb performance in sensitivity, signal-to-noise ratio, and complete elimination of primer dimers
 Taqman Master Mix-Multiplex
 Suited for Multiplex Taqman assay

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