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BioVision offers a wide range of PCR, RT PCR, QPCR enzyme products including kits and master mixes and DNA Polymerases. Over the years, our scientists have engineered the highest quality enzymes and most advanced and sophisticated formulations for PCR related applications. All of the BioVision’s products have been well validated by researchers around the world, with an increasing number of citations available in scientific publications. BioVision is dedicated to continue contributing to the scientific research community by delivering market-leading performing PCR, RTPCR, QPCR products and DNA Polymerases at an unbeatable price.

QPCR Master Mix Selection Guide
Pipetting errors and instrument limitations can become inherently detrimental when viewed in the context of experiments like real time quantitative PCR or RT PCR. Therefore, in order to proactively compensate for such inadvertent yet common sources of errors, a reference dye can be very helpful. Inert by nature, a reference dye does not undergo any fluorescence change during experiments like real-time quantitative PCR or RT PCR. Therefore, the addition of a reference dye helps normalize the fluorescent reporter signal in aforementioned experiments by allowing the software/instrument to adjust for minute differences or well to well inconsistencies. In this way, a reference dye enables minimal standard error (with respect to replicates in each experiment) and improves the overall performance of each experiment. Different companies optimized their instruments with different reference dyes (ROX, Fluorescein, etc). BioVision offers its proprietary QPCR Master Mix in a comprehensive array of options where each Master Mix is preconfigured with a reference dye specific for a particular instrument. This way, the customers get to choose what works best for their instrument while having the advantage of using a reference dye. Please refer and adhere to the QPCR selection guide to select the Master Mix that will best serve your needs.

Download the QPCR Master Mix Selection Guide in PDF

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