Plasmid DNA Purification Kits

BioVision offers a wide range of easy, reliable, time saving, superior purity, ultra-high yield, eco-friendly (guanidine salt free), and cost effective plasmid DNA purification kits to purify plasmid DNA from bacterial cultures. Our proprietary DNA binding systems allows the highly efficient binding of DNA to our ezBind matrix while proteins and other impurities are removed by wash buffer. Nucleic acids are then easily eluted with sterile water or elution buffer. The DNA is ready for downstream applications such as restriction digestions, PCR, automated sequencing etc. BioVision offers Miniprep, Midipreps, Maxipreps, Megapreps and all 96 Well format plate kits.

Key Features:

  • • Superior Purity: This patented plasmid purification system uses no chaotropic salts in the buffer. The resulting purified DNA is free of guanidine salts, cesium chloride, ethidium bromide and ion exchange resin residues, which enables the highest performance in downstream applications including gene therapy and vaccinations
  • • Ultra-High Yield: As compared to other purification methods, BioVision’s plasmid purification system produces higher DNA yield using less bacterial cultures
  • • Time Saving: This kit is designed for fast and efficient purification of plasmid DNA in <1 hr
  • • Eco-Friendly: The ezBind is the only method available that does not utilize Guanidine Salt, a hazardous protein denaturant, in the silica based purification system, which will ensure the safety and health of scientists and the environment!

Typical Yield
 Plasmid Miniprep Kits
 Isolate 50-80 µg of plasmid DNA in less than 30 minutes
 Plasmid Midiprep Kits
 Isolate up to 200 µg of plasmid DNA in less than 30 minutes
 Plasmid Maxiprep Kits
 Isolate 500-1000 µg of plasmid DNA within 60 minutes
 Plasmid Megaprep Kits
 Isolate 3-10 mg of plasmid DNA within 60 minutes
 96 Well Plasmid Miniprep Kits
 Rapidly purify plasmid DNA in a 96-well format using lysate clearance plates

Plasmid DNA Purification Kits List