Genomic DNA Purification Kits

BioVision offers a broad range of Genomic DNA Purification Kits optimized for purifying total DNA including genomic, mitochondrial, and virus DNA purification from a variety of samples including tissues, biofluids, swabs, soil, Mycoplasma, insect, bacteria, yeast and fungus species, and plant samples. The Genomic DNA Purification Kit allows DNA to bind to the glass fiber matrix of the genomic DNA spin column. The contaminants are removed using a wash buffer (containing ethanol) and the purified genomic DNA is eluted using a low salt Elution Buffer, TE, or water. The entire procedure can be completed within an hour, and in some cases less than 20 minutes. The purified DNA is suitable for use in PCR or other enzymatic reactions, including AFLP/PADP, RFLP, Southern Blotting, Real-time PCR, etc.

Key Features:

Ready-To-Use Reagents
• Purify Genomic DNA within 30-60 minutes
• High Yield, Highly Pure, High Quality Genomic DNA
• Variety of Samples and Wide Sample Size (small sample volumes to large sample size)
• Many Downstream Applications: PCR, Cloning, DNA hybridization, Real-time PCR etc.

Typical Yield
 Bacterial Genomic DNA Mini Kits
 37 µg from 1x109 E. coli, 10-15 μg from 1x109 Bacillus subtilis
 Concert™ DNA Extraction Kits
 5 μg from 200 μl blood; 10-40 μg from 20 mg tissue
 Fungal Genomic DNA Kit
 Up to 50 mg dried powdered tissue or 100 mg fresh (or frozen) tissue
 Genomic DNA Mini Kits (Blood/Cells)
 4-10 μg from 300 μl blood
 Insect Genomic DNA Kit
<30 mg Tissue (insects, arthropods or plant tissue rich in polysaccharides)
 Micro Genomic DNA Kits
300 ng from 6 mm blood spots
 Mollusc Genomic DNA Kit
 <30 mg Tissue (molluscs, arthropods, worms or other invertebrate tissues)
 Mycoplasma DNA Kit
 Plant Genomic DNA Mini Kits
 3-5 μg from 100 mg Arabidopsis leaf (Mini); 80 μg from 500 mg leaf (Maxi)
 Soil Genomic DNA Kit
 Up to 1 gm of soil samples
 Swab Genomic DNA Kits
 2 μg per swab
 Tissue Genomic DNA Mini Kits
 10-40 μg from 20 mg tissue
 Yeast Genomic DNA Mini Kits
 10-15 μg from 2x108 S. cerevisiae cells (DNA Precipitation Reagent based)
 Yeast Genomic DNA Kit
 ezBind DNA Mini Column based

Genomic DNA Purification Kits List