siRNA and miRNA Products

BioVision’s small interfering RNA (siRNA) and micro RNA (miRNA) Products category includes custom siRNA oligo, chemically modified siRNA oligo, Fluorescent Labeled siRNA oligo, Negative & Positive Control siRNA oligo, miRNA mimics, miRNA inhibitors and miRNA Negative Control. Additionally, BioVision offers validated siRNA vectors targeting many important genes to study protein function in a wide range of cell types. Small interfering RNAs are short, double-stranded RNA molecules that can target and degrade specific complementary mRNAs. The target gene-specific degradation is an effective means of gene suppression. The negative control siRNA vector and the pGB cloning vector for cloning in your own insert are also available.

BioVision’s custom siRNA oligos are cost-effective, HPLC purified and is synthesized under strictly controlled process (ISO9000 quality standard system) and conditions. Furthermore, BioVision offers siRNA pack for the customers who intend to ensure the inhibition efficiency. The siRNA pack includes 3-4 siRNA pairs aimed at the gene and is designed once the customers provide the gene name and accession number.

Key Features:

Custom siRNA oligo: HPLC purified and has siRNA concentration of >97%
Chemically modified siRNA oligo: Offering increased life expectancy in serum or cell culture, long time effect as well as strongly stability in vivo
Fluorescent Dye Labeled siRNA oligo: For studying transfection efficiency or optimizing transfection condition by flow cytometry, fluorescence microscope or confocal microscope
siRNA Oligo Control: BioVision offers low price and high-quality positive and negative siRNA controls for human and mouse cells RNAi experiments.
Fluorescent labeled siRNA negative control: Has no genetic homology with human and is conducive to the optimization of transfection conditions
siRNA oligo positive control: To ensure the optimized experimental conditions and the effect of gene silencing in parallel control experiments
Validated siRNA vectors: Including the GeneBlocker pGB siRNA expression vectors, designed to provide efficient suppression of a target gene in cultured mammalian cells and in vivo using the human U6 promotor (a RNA polymerase III promotor)
pGB cloning vectors: For cloning-in your own insert
miRNA mimics: Small, single stranded, chemically-synthetic and optimized nucleic acids to mimic endogenous mature miRNA molecules in cells
miRNA inhibitors: Chemically-modified and optimized nucleic acids to specifically target the miRNA molecules in cells
miRNA negative control: Includes Cat# M1260, # M1261, # M1263, # M1264

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