Human Microbiome is the collection of trillions of symbiotic microbes which colonize the human body. Microbiotic composition and function differ based on age, sex, race, and diet of the host. These microbes include bacteria, bacteriophage, fungi, protozoa, and viruses, which live in the gut, mouth, urogenital tract, lung and skin of humans. They are beneficial for the host and play an important role in digestion and immunity. Thus, any changes in the microbiome or the presence of pathogenic microbes can cause diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome bowel disease, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, allergies, cancer etc. Analyzing the human microbiota plays a major role in personalized medicine due to the presence of enormous microbial diversity among individuals. High-throughput sequencing technology, coupled with the use of conserved marker genes has allowed for the understanding of microbial communities. The genome of the entire collection of microbes is sequenced instead of individual microbes. The Human Microbiome Project also uses sequencing to study the genomic makeup of the microbiomes.

BioVision’s Microbiome Kits provide a rapid and easy method for isolating high quality genomic DNA from a variety of microbes such as bacteria, fungi and from human specimens such as stool, swabs, saliva and swabs. These kits utilize the speed and versatility of high quality spin columns. DNA purified using these kits can be used for multiple downstream applications including PCR, restriction digestion, hybridization, etc. BioVision’s kits are validated by researchers all around the world.


Features & Benefits

Rapid, easy and convenient
Highly pure, high yield of DNA
Many downstream applications including PCR, restriction digestion, hybridization, etc.
Utilize high quality spin columns