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Exosome DNA-RNA Extraction Kits

Exosomes are small endosome derived lipid nanoparticles (50-120 nm in diameter), actively secreted by exocytosis in most living cells. Exosomes shuttle functional RNA molecules in the target cell. Increasing evidence suggests a role for exosome-derived miRNAs in the development and/or progression of specific human diseases. Pathogenic miRNAs can be exploited as novel therapeutic targets or disease biomarkers in complex diseases, including cancer. In fact, miRNAs seem to play critical roles as transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulators of epigenetic mechanisms, cell processes and have been linked to the etiology, progression and prognosis of cancer.

Biovision has developed optimized solutions for the efficient extraction of high-quality total RNA (miRNA and mRNAs) from the overall exosomes and microvesicle population or from tumor-specific exosome subpopulation, which helps to facilitate the identification of tumor miRNA or mRNAs signatures from human biological fluids or cell culture media. Biovision offers three different kits for exosome capture and RNA extraction:

1. TotalExoRNA™ Overall Exosome immunocapture and RNA extraction kit (Biofluids and Cell Media):
TotalExoRNA™ Kit (overall exosome immunocapture and RNA extraction kit) has been developed for the isolation and efficient extraction of high-quality total RNA (miRNA and mRNAs) from the overall exosome population from human biofluids or cell culture media.

2. TumorExoRNA™ Tumor-derived Exosome immunocapture and RNA extraction kit:
TumorExoRNA™ Kit (Tumor-derived exosome RNA extraction kit) has been developed for the efficient enrichment of tumor-specific exosome population and RNA extraction from human biofluids and vesicle associated RNAs.

3. BasicExoRNA™ Basic RNA Extraction Kit:
BasicExoRNA™ Kit (basic RNA extraction kit) allows total RNA (miRNA + mRNAs) extraction from pre-isolated exosomes, pre-isolated via different methods including ultracentrifugation, chemical precipitation, immunocapture, size-chromatography etc.

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