Epigenetic Modulators (A-Z)

Changes in the post-translational modification patterns of histones and DNA in relation to concomitant changes in gene expression are the focal points of the field of epigenetics. Many enzymes like Histone Acetyltransferases (HATs), Deacetylases (HDACs), Methyltransferases (HMTases) and Kinases are involved in adding or removal of molecular flags from the histone-DNA complex. These enzymes have emerged as novel targets for the design of therapeutics in a large number of diseases including various forms of cancers. Inevitably, several small molecule modulators (activators/inhibitors) of HATs, HDACs and HMTases have been reported and are being studied as prospective agents to regulate the "epigenome" which encompasses all enzymes, cofactors and proteins involved in epigenetics. BioVision proudly presents a comprehensive array (>200) of epigenetics modulators some of which are available as ready-to-use solutions for convenience.

Epigenetic Modulators (A-Z) List