Protein kinases are one of the most important categories of targets in oncology and drug discovery in today's research because of their key roles in the pathogenesis of many illnesses due to mutations, overexpression, and dysregulation of these enzymes. Over the past 20 years, tremendous progress has been made in developing drugs against protein kinase family of enzymes. So far, the U.S. FDA has approved >52 Protein kinase inhibitors as drugs. Of the 52 approved drugs, 43 have suffix “nib” in their names. The suffix "nib" indicates a small-molecule inhibitor ("nib" is verbal shorthand for "inhibit") of kinase enzymes. More specifically, "tinib" is used for tyrosine kinase inhibitors, "anib" for angiogenesis inhibitors, and “rafenib” for rapidly accelerated fibrosarcoma (RAF) kinase inhibitors. BioVision offers >120 structurally diverse “nibs” for research. Many of these nibs are also available as “ready-to-use” “EZSolution” formats.