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Nitric Oxide Synthase (NOS) Inhibitors

Superior Purity, Ultra High Yield, Time Saving, Eco-Friendly and Low Cost.

    • Superior Purity: This patented Plasmid Purification system uses no chaotropic salts in the buffer, and the resulting purified DNA is free of guanidine salts, cesium chloride, ethidium bromide and ion exchange resin residues, which enable the highest performance of downstream applications including gene therapy and genetic vaccination.

    • Ultra-High Yield: When comparing BioVision’s Plasmid Purification System to other purification methods, our methodology produces higher DNA yield while requiring fewer bacterial cultures.

    • Time Saving: Using our unique Megaprep Kit, 10 mg plasmid DNA can be purified from 1000 mL culture within 1 hour.

    • Environment benefit: The ezfilter System is the only method available that does not utilize Guanidine Salt, a hazardous protein denaturant, in the silica based purification system, which will ensure the safety and health of scientists and the environment.

Additionally, BioVision has developed a specially formulated buffer to remove the endotoxin during or post plasmid DNA purification (ToxOutTM Endofree Plasmid Kit, BV Cat# K1326-K1336). The endotoxin level after purification is < 0.2 EU (Endotoxin)/µg DNA. The purified endofree DNA is ready for downstream applications such as transfection of endotoxin-sensitive cell lines, primary cultured cells or microinjection.

Nitric Oxide Synthase (NOS) Inhibitors Products

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