Antibiotics ELISA Kits

Antibiotics, also known as anti-bacterial, are kind of drugs that destroy or slow down the growth of bacteria. Generally, the use of antibiotics in animals is for the treatment and prevention of diseases and promoting growth. However, their effectiveness and easy access have also led to their overuse, prompting bacteria to develop resistance in both clinical practice and in food production. Antibiotic usage in animals may also result in antibiotic residues in foods such as milk, egg and meat. BioVision offers several ELISA Kits for the quantitative analysis of antibiotics in various sample types. The ELISA kits are simple, cost-effective and is thoroughly validated to ensure high accuracy and specificity.


Features & Benefits

Simple and Convenient:No special handling or disposal required
Specific and Highly Sensitive
Accurate: Reproducible data with low intra & inter assay variability
Versatile:Wide range of sample types such as tissue, serum, milk, biological samples etc