Cell Damage & Oxidative Stress

Reactive oxygen species (ROS), produced endogenously as a result of normal cellular metabolic functions or from external sources, poses a significant threat to cells since exposure to ROS can result in severe damage to DNA, protein, and lipids. Identifying specific forms of oxidative damage is often the focal point of interest in different types of cancers and various neurological diseases. Antioxidant defenses to minimize fluctuations in ROS are critical to cell survival and dictate approaches to disease treatments to reduce risk of cancer or age-related functional deterioration. BioVision has built a respectable selection of assay kits, antioxidants, inhibitors/activators of key ROS players. We also offer a whole ensemble of tools for analyzing transcriptional regulation underlying ROS responses, defenses against DNA damage and energy transformation mechanisms regulating various redox states.

Cell Damage & Oxidative Stress Categories