Calpain, a cytosolic calcium-dependent cysteine protease, is involved in many forms of physiological and pathological processes (e.g. apoptosis).BioVision offers various Calpain assay products. The Calpain Activity Assay Kit provides a simple and convenient means for analyzing the activated calpain activity in apoptotic and other samples. The assay is based on fluorometric detection of the cleavage of calpain substrate Ac-LLY-AFC. Ac-LLY-AFC emits blue light (λmax = 400 nm); upon cleavage of the substrate by calpain or related proteases, free AFC emits a yellow-green fluorescence (λmax = 505 nm), which can be quantified using a fluorometer or a fluorescence plate reader. Comparison of the fluorescence of AFC from a treated sample with a normal control allows determination of the fold increase in calpain activity. The proprietary Calpain Extraction Buffer provided in the kit specifically extracts activated calpain from cytosol, but not other proteases in lysosomes. The kit also provides active calpain as the positive control and calpain inhibitor as the negative control. Active calpain, calpain inhibitor, and anti-calpain antibody are also available separately.

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