Protease Inhibitor Cocktails

Proteases are a family of naturally occurring regulatory enzymes that cleave the peptide bonds between the amino acids of polypeptide chains. They can be classified into six broad groups depending on the amino acid at which they cleave. These include Serine proteases, Threonine proteases, Cysteine proteases, Aspartate proteases, Metalloproteases, and Glutamic acid proteases. Based on the optimal pH of their activity, they are sub-classified into acid proteases, neutral proteases and alkaline proteases. Protease inhibitors are compounds that inhibit specific proteases (mentioned above). A delicate equilibrium of these proteases and their respective inhibitors can control proteolytic cascades, thereby regulating key events like coagulation, inflammation and acute phase response in the body.
During protein expression and isolation, endogenous cellular proteases can rapidly digest cellular proteins resulting in substantially diminished quality and quantity of protein samples needed for characterization and analysis. BioVision has introduced a new and exciting line of general, as well as specific protease inhibitors and cocktails, which can prevent in vitro proteolysis events. These protease inhibitors and cocktails are provided in an easy-to-use form and can be employed for inhibition of a broad range of proteases. The inhibitor cocktail kits are designed to include various combinations of inhibitors at their optimum concentrations, providing researchers with a number of options to specifically choose from, including the EDTA-free form.

Protease Inhibitor Cocktails Products