Methyltransferase Inhibitors

Methyltransferases include a group of important regulatory enzymes that catalyze the transfer of methyl groups to substrates like DNA, proteins, histones etc. Addition of these methyl groups have crucial physiological relevance in the proper functioning of an eukaryotic organism. DNA methyltransferases and histone methyltransferases are two such examples of key enzyme classes that have been extensively researched. Misregulation of this inherent enzymatic activity can lead to a number of disease outcomes like cancer, thereby making these enzymes attractive targets to interrogate, by research institutes and pharma/biotech companies.

BioVision has a growing portfolio of highly pure and specific inhibitors to this important class of enzymes. Inhibitors come packaged in several sizes to choose, based on the experiment.

    • High Purity, ~ >95%
    • Available as solids and/or easy-to-use reconstituted solutions
    • Attractive sizes
    • Includes key inhibitors to DNMT/ Bromodomains/ HMTs

Methyltransferase Inhibitors Products