Heat Shock Protein (Hsp) Inhibitors

Heat Shock Proteins (HSPs) are a family of proteins that are transcriptionally upregulated under cellular stress including exposure to heat/ UV/ cold/pH changes, tissue remodeling etc. The HSPs are also called as "chaperone" proteins as they bind and assist in correct protein folding and also help in refolding improperly folded proteins. Heat shock protein 90 (HSP90) is an important member of the chaperone protein family and it is involved in stabilization, regulation, and maintenance of oncogenic client proteins with co-chaperones. Cochaperones regulate the ATPase activity of HSP90 and its interactions with oncogenic client proteins. Therefore, HSP90 and its co-chaperones have become important therapeutic targets for cancer treatment. This has led to the development of several inhibitors of HSP90 and other HSPs that have shown promise both preclinically and clinically in the treatment of cancer. BioVision is proud to offer a variety of small molecule HSP inhibitors for research.

Heat Shock Protein (Hsp) Inhibitors Products