Antiviral Agents

Viruses cause contagious diseases like influenza, cold, warts, HIV/AIDS, smallpox, Ebola as well as many other diseases. These viruses invade normal living cells and multiply producing their own kind and can be treated with antiretroviral drugs. The number of antiviral drugs available compared to antibacterial is relatively small due to difficulty in obtaining selective toxicity against viruses. There are many enzymes and proteins that are only present in these viruses with several virus specific replication steps as targets for various antiviral drugs. Different classes of antiretroviral agents have been identified as NRTIs (Nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors), NNRTIs (Non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors), PIs (Protease inhibitors), INSTIs (Integrase inhibitors), FIs (Fusion inhibitors) and CCR5 (Chemokine receptor antagonists). BioVision is pleased to offer more than 56 antiviral agents for your research.