Epitope Tag Antibodies

BioVision is excited to offer several antibodies to detect Epitope tags.

Epitope tags are small biomolecules or polypeptides about ten amino acids long that are attached to the antigen of interest either by chemical conjugation or recombinant methods. This allows the easy detection of expression or localization of protein of interest. Epitope tags make it possible to detect proteins for which either no antibody exists, or to detect proteins that are expressed in very low amounts. Different types of epitope tags have been developed for different purposes. Commonly used epitope tags such as FLAG, HA, His, Myc, V5 are used for purification, pull-down and immunoprecipitation experiments, whereas fluorescent protein tags such as RFP and GFP are used for cell tracking and localization experiments. Hence, to aid researchers to study tagged proteins, BioVision offers a range of antibodies designed specifically to detect epitope tags on target proteins.



Features & Benefits

Highly specific for epitope tags
Highly pure antibodies (Protein A/G purified)
Available in Monoclonal and Polyclonal formats
Can be used for several research applications such as Western blot, IHC, IF, ICC