Marker Antibodies

BioVision offers a wide variety of antibodies to detect cell markers in a number of species such as humans, mice, and rats.

Cells consist of molecules or proteins that are either associated with the cell membrane, cell organelles, or are a component of the cytoskeleton. These molecules or proteins are called as cell markers. Cell markers play diverse roles in numerous cellular processes. Hence knowing the subcellular localization of these markers will help elucidate the biological function of these marker proteins. BioVision offers a list of antibodies that help detect these cell-specific marker proteins to aid in cell marker localization studies. These antibodies can be also used to validate the purity of cell fractions in cell fractionation experiments.



Features & Benefits

Highly specific for marker proteins
Available in Polyclonal, Monoclonal and Carrier-free formats
Robust validation in multiple species (human, mice, rats etc.)
Can be used in versatile applications such as Western blot, IHC, IF