Knock Out Validated Antibodies

BioVision is pleased to offer a variety of Knockout (KO) Validated Antibodies.

Antibodies are important tools for clinical as well as basic research and are used to study target proteins and their biological functions. It is expected that the antibodies must be highly specific to the target proteins. However, there has been a lot of discrepancy with regards to the specificity of antibodies. They may show a tendency to bind to non-target proteins. One way of eliminating non-specific binding is to use RNAi mediated or CRISPR-CAS technology. In this process, the gene that encodes the target protein of interest is made inactive. If the gene is inactive, no target protein will be produced. To qualitatively confirm antibody specificity, a western blot is performed with knockout cell/tissue lysates and normal cells as control. The antibody will bind to the target protein in normal cells, but not in knockout cell/tissue lysate. BioVision offers a range of antibodies that are validated in knockout cells to support research laboratories conducting knockdown studies. These antibodies can be used in research applications such as Western Blot, Immunofluorescence, and Immunohistochemistry.



Features & Benefits

High performance and highly specific
Affinity purified
Can be used for Western blot, IF and IHC
Available in polyclonal and monoclonal formats