FACS Antibodies

BioVision is proud to offer a variety of antibodies validated in Fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS).

FACS is a type of flow cytometry technique that analyzes the physical and chemical properties of the cells. The technique involves sorting cells one at a time based on its fluorescent and light scattering properties. Each Fluorophore, attached to the antibody has its characteristic peak excitation and emission wavelength at which it will fluoresce. Since FACS offers quick and quantitative measurement of fluorescent signals from each cell and also helps sort cells of interest, it has a significant role in applications such as measuring apoptosis, analysis of protein modifications, intracellular antigens and immunophenotyping. Hence, to support researchers in FACS related studies, BioVision offers a large range of antibodies that are validated in FACS experiments.



Features & Benefits

Robust validation of antibodies in FACS experiments
Available as conjugated and non-conjugated antibodies
Available in monoclonal and polyclonal formats
Available in multiple sizes (25 tests and 100 tests)