Exosome Antibodies

BioVision is excited to offer antibodies that detect exosome marker proteins.

Exosomes are single membraned vesicles derived from endosomes that are approximately 20-200 nm in diameter and are secreted extracellularly via a process called exocytosis. Exosomes transport proteins, lipids, and nucleic acids from one cell to another, thus playing an essential role in intercellular communication. Exosomes are present in tumor cell lines, virus-infected cells, biological samples such as blood plasma, urine, amniotic fluids and can be used as biomarkers for diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s etc. Hence to help researchers to study the dynamics, morphology, and biological roles of exosomes, BioVision offers highly specific, species-validated antibodies to detect exosome markers. These antibodies are highly specific to humans and can be used for various research applications such as Western blot, FACS, ELISA etc.



Features & Benefits

Highly specific anti-human antibodies
Antibodies are affinity purified using Protein A
Available in monoclonal and polyclonal formats
Multiple applications including Western Blot, ELISA, FACS, IHC etc.