Cardiac Biomarker Antibodies

BioVision is excited to offer a variety of Cardiac Biomarkers that can serve as essential tools for diagnosis and management of cardiovascular diseases.

Cardiac biomarkers are either enzymes, proteins or hormones that are released by the cardiac muscles into the blood under conditions of stress or damage. There are several factors that contribute to stress and damage of cardiac muscles, one of the most common factor is accumulation of fatty deposits (plaques) on the walls of the coronary arteries. When the plaque ruptures, it results in the formation of blood clot in the coronary arteries. Accumulation of the blood clot causes narrowing of the arteries and thus less oxygen and blood reaches the heart. Decrease in the flow of oxygen and blood to the heart results in ischemia, however, if decreased supply persists for a longer time, it results in death of the cardiac cells, which can lead to acute myocardial infarction, also known as heart attack. In order to diagnose the cardiovascular disease at an early stage and to assess the severity of the disease in patients, cardiac biomarker tests are conducted. Multiple cardiac biomarkers have been assessed by the physicians for their role in diagnosing cardiovascular diseases in patients. Hence, to support cardiovascular research, BioVision offers Cardiac Biomarkers that will significantly help in rapid and accurate diagnosis, management and prognosis of cardiovascular diseases in patients.

Key Features

Prepared in PBS
Highly pure (˃95%)
Available in monoclonal and matched-pair formats
Used for applications such as ELISA, Lateral Flow etc>
Bulk quotes available