Antibody Purification

BioVision is excited to offer a variety of antibody purification kits.

Antibody purification involves isolation of the antibodies from serum, cell culture supernatants, or ascites fluids. In addition to this, antibodies can also be purified from various contaminants such as BSA, azide, and endotoxins, which may interfere with the antibody conjugation studies. The kit uses the principle of affinity capture of the target antibody to Protein A/G covalently bound to either sepharose or agarose beads. After the antibodies are purified, they are eluted and neutralized. The kits are simple and ready to use. The buffers and pre-packed columns are included in the kit, which enables the purification of 30-350 mg of antibody either by gravity flow or by spin column. BioVision offers a range of kits necessary for efficient purification of the antibodies.



Features & Benefits

Efficiently purify antibodies from serum, cell culture supernatants and mouse ascites fluid
Relative fast and easy to use purification kits
Available in gravity flow and spin column formats
Can purify between 30-350 mg of antibody