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PicoProbe™ Fructose-1,6-Bisphosphate Assay Kit (F)

To measure F1,6BP in a variety of sample types
Catalog #: K2036

Product Details

Cat # +Size K2036-100
Size 100 assays
Detection Method Fluorescence (Ex/Em = 535/587 nm)
Species Reactivity All
Applications • Measurement of F1,6BP in various tissues or cell lysates
• Analysis of Glycolysis Pathway and Pentose Phosphate Pathway
Features & Benefits • A quick and easy way to measure Fructose-1,6-Bisphosphate in a variety of sample types.
• Simple
• Sensitive
• Easy to perform
Kit Components • F1,6BP Assay Buffer
• PicoProbeTM
• F1,6BP Enzyme
• F1,6BP Converter A
• F1,6BP Converter B
• F1,6BP Developer
• F1,6BP Standard
Storage Conditions -20ºC
Shipping Conditions Gel Pack
USAGE For Research Use Only! Not For Use in Humans.


Fructose-1,6-Bisphosphate (F1,6BP) is a fructose sugar and a key component of the glycolysis metabolic pathway. It is produced by the phosphorylation of Fructose 6-Phosphate (F6P) by phosphofructokinase (PFK). Additionally, F1,6BP is an allosteric activator of enzymes including PFK and pyruvate kinase. Furthermore, F1,6BP stimulates the Pentose Phosphate Pathway that produces glutathione and is associated with anti-convulsing effects in animal models. Recent studies have shown that F1,6BP can be taken up by various cell types thereby providing ATP in glycolysis without consuming ATP and preserving the organs such as heart, liver, kidney under ischemic conditions. BioVision’s PicoProbe™ Fructose-1,6-Bisphosphate Assay Kit provides a quick and easy way to measure F1,6BP in a variety of sample types. In this Assay, F1,6BP is hydrolyzed by Fructose-1,6-Bisphosphatase (FBP) into inorganic phosphate and F6P. F6P then through several intermediate reactions reacts with the PicoProbe™ to generate a stable fluorophore measured at Ex/Em = 535/587 nm. The assay is simple, easy to perform, sensitive and can detect F1,6BP less than 0.5 µM in a variety of samples.

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