Anti-PAD6 Monoclonal Antibody (Clone 4B7)

Protein arginine deiminase associated with embryonic development
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Product Details

Antibody Target Human PAD6
Alternate Name Peptidyl Arginine Deiminase 6; Peptidyl Arginine Deiminase-Like Protein; Peptidyl Arginine Deiminase, Type VI; Protein-Arginine Deiminase Type-6; EC; HPADVI; Protein-Arginine Deiminase Type VI; Peptidylarginine Deiminase Type 6; Peptidylarginine Deiminase VI; PREMBL2; PADI6
Host Mouse
Antibody Type Monoclonal
Isotype Mouse IgG1
Immunogen Full-length human recombinant PAD6 protein
Accession # Q6TGC4
Gene ID 353238
Appearance Liquid
Formulation In PBS, pH 7.2, with 50% glycerol and 0.02% sodium azide
Purification Protein G purification
Species Reactivity Human
Application Western Blotting
Handling The antibody solution should be gently mixed before use.
Storage Conditions -20°C
Shipping Conditions Gel Pack
USAGE For Research Use Only! Not For Use in Humans.


Protein arginine deiminases (PADs) are a family of guanidine-modifying enzymes that catalyze the post-translational modification of target proteins by converting arginine to citrulline. Excessive citrullination of proteins may result in disease states. PAD6 is primarily expressed in mammalian oocytes, sperm cells, and early embryoes. PAD6 may have a role in regulating microtubule-mediated organelle mobility and positioning within cells, and cytoskeletal reorganization in the egg and early embryo. Dysregulation of PAD6 is associated with embryonic lethality.

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