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Sulfadiazine ELISA Kit- A competitive enzyme immunoassay

December 2020

Sulfadiazine ELISA Kit- A competitive enzyme immunoassay

For In vitro quantitative determination of Sulfadiazine concentration in serum, urine, etc.


MILPITAS, Calif. - Dec. 14, 2020 - PRLog -- Sulfadiazine (SDZ) belongs to the class of broad-spectrum sulfonamide antibiotics and is widely used for the treatment of bacterial infections in poultry, cattle, beekeeping, humans etc. SDZ inhibits bacterial growth by inhibiting dihydropteroate synthetase that produces dihydropteroate, an important intermediate in folate synthesis. Additionally, SDZ can help prevent rheumatic fever, meningitis, chancroid, chlamydia, and infections by Haemophilus influenza. Sulfonamide residues may occur in food of animal origin such as meat, milk etc. and may cause serious side effects including nausea, loss of appetite, dizziness, rash etc. Therefore, sulfadiazine in some countries is allowed for use only in veterinary medicine.

BioVision's Sulfadiazine ELISA Kit is a competitive enzyme immunoassay for the quantitative analysis of sulfadiazine concentration in a variety of sample types. In this assay, the sulfadiazine antigen is pre-coated on the 96-well plate. The SDZ in the sample and the antigen on the plate compete for binding to the anti-sulfadiazine antibody. After the addition of the enzyme conjugate that binds to captured SDZ antibody, TMB substrate is added and color signal is developed. The OD value of the sample is inversely proportional to the SDZ concentration in the sample. This value is compared to the sulfadiazine standard curve and the SDZ concentration is subsequently obtained. The kit is simple, easy and a rapid way to determine sulfadiazine concentration. The kit can detect 4 - 256 ng/ml SDZ concentration in less than 1 hr (LOD 2 ng/ml).

Figures. A) Sulfadiazine Standard Curve. This Standard Curve is for demonstration only. B) Spike recovery experiment using human serum and urine samples spiked with Sulfadiazine (100 ng/ml) respectively. Spike recovery was 85-100%.

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