'BET Inhibitors' Block the Expression of Cancer-Causing Genes
April 2018  |  Science News
Investigators at Michigan State University in East Lansing are finding new ways to treat cancer. For one, they are interested in novel molecular techniques that target cancer-causing genes.
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Immunotherapy Calls Up Natural Killer Cells in the Fight against Cancer
March 2018  |  Science News
Cancer immunotherapy frequently goads T cells to fight cancer more zealously, and now it is starting to demand more of natural killer (NK) cells, too.
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Robots may soon actively crawl through your gut
March 2018  |  Science News
Doctors will guide them to deliver medicine and check the intestines for disease.
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Hungry Mice Feel Less Pain
March 2018  |  Science News
University of Pennsylvania researchers have identified a group of just 300 neurons in the brain that act to prioritize hunger over long-term inflammatory pain.
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New Drug 'Siponimod' Seeks to Treat Secondary Progressive MS
March 2018  |  Science News
Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune disease of the central nervous system where the affected individual’s immune system cells eradicate the myelin coating protecting its nerve fibers.
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Monoclonal Antibodies Crucial to Fighting Emerging Infectious Diseases
March 2018  |  Science News
Monoclonal antibodies (mAbs)--preparations of a specific type of antibody designed to bind to a single target--have shown promise in the fight against cancer and autoimmune diseases.
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