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Introducing BioVision's New Fabulously Active (FabAct™) Proteinase K!

January 2016  |  Press Releases

Introducing BioVision's New Fabulously Active (FabAct™) Proteinase K!


MILPITAS, Calif. - May 19, 2016 - PRLog -- BioVision proudly announces the launch of the Molecular Bology Grade Fabulously Active FabActTM Proteinase K (recombinant), which is the most powerful proteinase among all proteinases characterized so far. FabActTM Proteinase K is a highly pure, highly reactive serine protease that displays the ability to digest native proteins, thereby inactivating enzymes such as DNase and RNase without recourse to a denaturation process. It cleaves at the peptide bond adjacent to the carboxylic acid group of aliphatic, aromatic or hydrophobic amino acids. FabActTM Proteinase K has a higher specific activity and is more stable at room temperature as compared to native Proteinase K. It is also stable and active over a wide pH range of 4-12. It can be used on any situation to digest native and denatured proteins. FabActTM Proteinase K is also active with SDS, urea and EDTA and the most active temperature is 65°C.
· Removal of DNases and RNases when isolating DNA and RNA from tissues or cell lines for amplification reactions
· Isolation of mRNA or genomic DNA from different tissues including mouse tail or from cultured cells
· For modifying glycoprotein for structural studies
· To treat tissue sections for in situ hybridization
· Improving cloning efficiency of PCR products
· For isolating bio-product to remove protein contaminants in industries such as leather, food, medicine intermediates, etc.
Product Types:
· FabAct™ Proteinase K (recombinant), Molecular Grade (Solid)
· FabAct™ Proteinase K (recombinant), Molecular Grade (Liquid), 20mg/mL

The full range of our Proteinase K Reagents are described in the catalogue and can be purchased online at

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