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BioVision's NEW ExoPure™ Exosome Isolation Kits!

July 2016  |  Press Releases

BioVision's NEW ExoPure™ Exosome Isolation Kits!


MILPITAS, Calif. - July 7, 2016 - PRLog -- Exosomes are small endosome derived lipid nanoparticles (50-120 nm in diameter) actively secreted by exocytosis in most living cells. Biovision is excited to offer a wide selection of products dedicated to exosome research, including high quality isolation reagents, quantification kits, exosome standards that are quick, affordable and ready to use. ExoPureTM Isolation Kits are the newest addition to our already existing Exosome Research portfolio based on filtration methods as compared to exosome precipitation methods. It is a fast and convenient method of exosome isolation and purification at high yields from biofluids and cell culture media.

 Key Features:
Isolates pure exosomes (exosome purity >95%)
· 10-fold higher yield as compared to other kits or ultracentrifuge methods
· Easy to use: No ultra centrifugation (<2 hr)
· Cost effective as compared to antibody capture methods
· Intact exosomes (good morphology), Small sample volume
· Suitable for downstream analyses including EM study, qRT-PCR, WB etc
· Easy to store and ships at room temperature (RT)

Figures A. Greater quantity of exosomal RNA from cell media. B. Better protein yield and purity as analyzed using Flotilin-1 antibody in western blot analysis.

Product Types:
1. ExoPure™ Isolation Kit (Cell Media) (# K1237-2, -10)
2. ExoPure™ Isolation Kit (Serum, Plasma) (# K1238-2, -10)
3. ExoPure™ Isolation Kit (Stem Cell Media) (# K1239-2, -10)
4. ExoPure™ Isolation Kit (Urine) (# K1240-2, -10)
5. ExoPure™ Isolation Kit (Bio Fluids) (# K1241-2, -10)

The full range of our NEW Exosome products are described in the catalogue and can be purchased online at

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