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OrgFrontier™ Viable/Non-Viable Cells Separation Kit

June 2019

OrgFrontier™ Viable/Non-Viable Cells Separation Kit

Separation of live cells from dead cells in cultured cell preparations


MILPITAS, Calif. - June 14, 2019 - PRLog -- BioVision's OrgFrontierTM viable/non-viable cell separation kit is designed to separate the viable (live) cells from non-viable (dead) cells in cultured cell preparations. This kit can be used to remove dead or damaged cells that can result from scraping, chemical treatment, or other procedures thereby damaging the healthy cells. The protocol can be performed and completed in an hour.


· Separation of live and dead cells from active cultures
· Removal of dead cells from transfected cells
· Removal of dead cells from recently thawed cultures
· Removal of dead and damaged cells from chemically treated cultures
· Removal of cell clumps from cultured cells
· Separation of live cells from cells damaged by scraping

Figure: Viability percentages of adherent and suspension cell lines before and after separating non-viable cells using OptiPrep™ Density Gradient Medium and assayed using Live/Dead Cell Viability Assay Kit (Cat# K502)

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