Hydroxyproline Assay Kit (Colorimetric)

March 2018

Hydroxyproline & Collagen Assay Kits

Hydroxyproline (Hyp) is a non-standard amino acid, found in collagen (COL), which contains 12-14% Hyp by mass. Hyp measurement is a direct measure of the amount of COL. COL is the most abundant protein in mammals and several conditions (i.e. tumor invasion/metastasis, rheumatoid arthritis, cardiopulmonary fibrosis) affect its turnover. Hyp and Collagen estimation protocols are based upon Hyp oxidation and Ehrlich’s reagent under acidic conditions (Perchloric Acid- PCA). However, PCA requires special handling and waste-disposal protocols. BioVision’s Hydroxyproline Assay Kits (K555 and K206) and Total Collagen Assay Kits (K218 and K406) use proprietary developer solutions to accurately measure Hyp and COL in tissue and protein/peptidase hydrolysates. They are quick, can detect a minimum of 0.05 µg hydroxyproline/0.5 µg collagen per well in a 96-well format and generate colorimetric results that are virtually identical.

Key Features:
• Non-radioactive, homogeneous assays
• Specific assays
• Convenient: minimal sample preparation; fast protocols
• Cost effective: 50/100 assays; High Throughput Screening compatible
• Validated: using mammalian tissues, biological fluids

Figure: A) Correlation between hydroxyproline standard curve absorbance values obtained using the classical PCA-based assay kit (K555-100) and the PCA-free assay (K226-100). Both methods show excellent correlation (R2 > 0.999). B). Estimation of total hydroxyproline content in rat tissues using K226-100. Data are mean ± SEM of 3-4 replicates, assayed according to the kit protocols



Total Collagen Assay Kit (Colorimetric)

K218: Total Collagen Assay Kit (Colorimetric)

BioVision’s Collagen Assay Kit is a simple and sensitive assay to detect small amounts of collagens in a variety of samples.

Hydroxyproline Assay Kit (Perchlorate-Free)

K226: Hydroxyproline Assay Kit (Perchlorate-Free)

BioVision’s Hydroxyproline Assay Kit II (Perchlorate-Free) uses a proprietary acidic developer solution to accurately measure Hyp in tissue and protein/peptidase hydrolysates without the use of hazardous perchlorates.

Total Collagen Assay Kit (Perchlorate-Free)

K406: Total Collagen Assay Kit (Perchlorate-Free)

BioVision’s Total Collagen Assay Kit II (Perchlorate-Free) is a quick and convenient protocol for detection of small amounts of collagen in a variety of biological samples.

Hydroxyproline Colorimetric Assay Kit

K532: Soluble Collagen Assay Kit (Fluorometric)

BioVision’s Soluble Collagen Assay Kit allows for quantification of newly synthesized (acid-soluble) collagen levels in tissues and cultured cell medium. Estimate newly synthesized collagen in various biological samples and cultured cells with this kit.

Hydroxyproline Colorimetric Assay Kit

K555: Hydroxyproline Colorimetric Assay Kit

BioVision’s Hydroxyproline Assay Kit is designed to measure hydroxyproline in tissue or protein/peptide hydrolysates. It can be used to measure hydroxyproline from other biological samples such as serum or urine if they have undergone a prior purification process.

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