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EZClick™ Stearoylated Protein Assay Kit (FACS/Microscopy), Red Fluorescence

April 2019

EZClick™ Stearoylated Protein Assay Kit (FACS/Microscopy), Red Fluorescence

For labeling and detection of Stearoylated proteins


MILPITAS, Calif. - April 12, 2019 - PRLog -- Stearoylation is one of the numerous types of post-translational modification in proteins. Stearoylated proteins are involved in the regulation of cellular processes such as apoptosis, growth and metabolism. In this modification Stearic acid, a saturated fatty acid is covalently bound to a protein through the action of long-chain-fatty-acid-[acyl-carrier-protein] ligase. In the presence of ATP, ligase then transfers a Stearate moiety to the target protein forming a carbon-sulfur bond (C=S). Recent studies showed a possible correlation
between mitochondrial dysfunction and some diseases including neurodegenerative disease, cancer and aging. Furthermore, it is known that stearoylated Transferrin Receptor (TfR1) inhibits JNK activation thereby reducing mitofusin ubiquitination and restoring mitochondrial function. Studying stearoylation of proteins can shed a light on disease etiology and prevention. BioVision offers EZClickTM Stearoylated Protein Assay Kit, a highly specific, simple and robust method for labeling and detection of Stearoylated proteins. The kit uses Alkynyl Stearic Acid that is fed directly into the cells and gets incorporated into proteins during or post translation.This modification can be followed by click reaction with an azide-containing dye. The assay kit offers a powerful method for imaging localization, trafficking, and dynamics of Stearoylated proteins or detection by FACS for quantitative studies. Labeled stearoylated proteins can be directly detected in 1D or 2D gels using the appropriate excitation sources or enriched by immunoprecipitation with biotin-azide or antibodies prior to proteomic analysis. We provide sufficient materials for 100 assays in a 96-well plate format.

Figure: Jurkat cells: FACS analysis of Negative Control (Black), Background (EZClick only, Green), Positive Control (Stearic Acid Label and EZClick, Pink). Signal measured in FL-2 channel clearly shows the Stearic Acid Labeling of Protein. Data from the experiments following kit K418-100 protocol.

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