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BioVision is excited to launch Methionine Assay Kit

November 2017

BioVision is excited to launch Methionine Assay Kit


MILPITAS, Calif. - Nov. 10, 2017 - PRLog -- BioVision is excited to launch Methionine Assay Kit-The first kit in the market detecting free methionine in a variety of biological samples.

Methionine (Met) is one of the twenty proteogenic amino acids encoded by the genetic code, and one of nine essential amino acids, meaning it cannot be synthesized in vivo and must be obtained from dietary sources. Met is one of two sulfur-containing amino acids (the other being cysteine) and can serve as a precursor in cysteine biosynthesis. S-adenosylmethionine, another product of Met metabolism, is an important co-factor and methyl donor in a number of biological reactions such as methylation and polyamine synthesis. Met is also an intermediate species in the synthesis of phospholipids such as lecithin, and other small precursor molecules including taurine, an amino-sulfonic acid.

This assay shows greater than 10-fold specificity for methionine over cysteine and greater than 40-fold selectivity over other standard and non-standard amino acids. After utilization of a proprietary Sample Clean-Up Mix, the method is suitable for use in blood samples, and can detect concentrations as low as 0.5 µM, or 25 pmole Methionine.

Detection of Methionine in biosamples

Figures. (A) Methionine in human plasma using K442-100: The assay was run on various volumes of treated plasma and the results averaged. Met concentration was determined to be 18.6 µM in human plasma (2-12 µl; undiluted). (B) Specificity of K442-100: The assay was run in the presence of 1 nmole (1000 pmole) each of the amino acids Methionine, Cysteine, Homocysteine, and Alanine. Numbers are relative to 100% response to methionine.

Key Features:

• Non-radioactive, homogeneous assays
• Specific assays (no cross-interference)
• Convenient: minimal sample preparation; fast protocols
• Cost effective: 100 assays; High Throughput Screening compatible
• Validated: using mammalian tissues, biological fluids

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About BioVision:

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