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N′-Nicotinamide Methyltransferase (NNMT) Inhibitor Screening Assay Kit

The FIRST and ONLY kit on the market for Nicotinamide N-Methyltransferase (NNMT) Inhibitor Screening
Catalog #: K822

Product Details

Cat # +Size K822-100
Size 100 assays
Detection Method Fluorescence (Ex/Em = 392/482 nm)
Species Reactivity Mammalian
Applications Screening/studying/characterizing potential inhibitors of NNMT
Features & Benefits • Rapid assay and simple protocol
• Reliable test for screening potential inhibitors of NNMT
• Includes Inhibitor Control, 1-Methylnicotinamide (MNA)
Kit Components • NNMT Assay Buffer
• NNMT Enzyme
• S-Adenosylmethionine (SAM)
• Nicotinamide
• Enzyme-I
• Enzyme-II
• 1-Methylnicotinamide (MNA) (150 mM)
• Thiol Detecting Probe (DMSO)
• SAM Reconstitution Buffer
Storage Conditions -80°C
Shipping Conditions Dry Ice
USAGE For Research Use Only! Not For Use in Humans.


N′-Nicotinamide Methyltransferase (NNMT) (E.C. catalyzes the N-methylation of nicotinamide, pyridines, and other analogues using S-adenosyl methionine (SAM) as the donor resulting in the production of 1-methylnicotinamide (MNA). NNMT plays a significant role in the regulation of metabolic pathways and is expressed at markedly high levels in several kinds of cancers, neurodegenerative diseases, obesity and diabetes, indicating it is a potential molecular target for therapy. Biovision’s NNMT inhibitor screening kit utilizes SAM as the methyl group donor and nicotinamide as the substrate. NNMT methylates nicotinamide generating S-adenosylhomocysteine (SAH) and 1-methylnicotinamide. The SAH is hydrolyzed by SAH hydrolase to form homocysteine, the free thiol group of which is detected using a Thiol Detecting Probe generating enhanced fluorescence signal that can be measured at Ex/Em = 392/482 nm. In the presence of an NNMT inhibitor, the enzymatic activity is inhibited resulting in decreased fluorescence. This assay kit is a simple, sensitive, and rapid tool to screen potential inhibitors of NNMT.

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