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JadeSmart™ Mix-iCycler

2X QPCR Master Mix
Catalog #: M1114

Product Details

Cat # +Size M1114-500
Size 4 x 1.25 ml
Highlights 2X QPCR Master Mix
Storage Conditions -20°C
Shipping Conditions Dry Ice
USAGE For Research Use Only! Not For Use in Humans.


2X QPCR Master Mix

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What is the difference between Jade™ Master Mixes (BV Cat# M1105-M1120) and SybrGreen? Which one has better features? What is the dye used in Jade™ Master Mix?
Jade™ Master Mixes include a new generation of SybrGreen dyes, which give a stronger signal when bound to dsDNA as compared to SybrGreen. They also have reduced toxicity. Jade™ Master Mixes provide much higher sensitivity and better low-copy detection results. Please click the link for more FAQs on QPCR Master mixes.
What are the main advantages of JadeTM Master Mixes?
JadeTM Master Mixes (BV Cat# M1105-M1120) provide high sensitivity in a ready-to-use format. Additionally, BioVision’s QPCR Master Mix formulations are optimized for different QPCR instruments available in the market.
Usually a SYBR dye doesn’t require calibration. Does JadeTM Master Mixes require calibration?
JadeTM Master Mixes do not require calibration.
Are Jade™ Master Mixes suitable for experiments being setup under normal lighting?
Jade Master Mixes™ are very stable and are suitable for setting up experiments under normal lighting.
For BioRad iCycler systems, is the Jade Mastermix™ compatible with "dynamic" well factor calibration or a "persistent" well factor calibration run is needed?
JadeSmart™ Mix-iCycler (BV Cat# M1114) is specifically formulated for BioRad iCycler systems and it is fully compatible with dynamic well factor calibration. Please refer to our QPCR Master Mix Selection Guide for selecting the appropriate QPCR formulations applicable to your particular instrument model.