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A membrane permeable fluorescent potassium indicator
Catalog #: B3140
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B3140-5PK 5 x 50 μg
B3140-500 500 μg
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Product Details

Alternate Name Potassium (K⁺) indicator; IPG-1 membrane permeable; IPG-1 acetoxymethyl ester; Fluorescent Potassium indicator
Appearance Red-orange powder
Molecular Weight 1140
Purity ≥ 90%
Solubility ~2 mg/ml in DMSO
Handling Do not take internally. Wear gloves and mask when handling the product! Avoid contact by all modes of exposure.
Storage Conditions -20ºC
Shipping Conditions Gel Pack
USAGE For Research Use Only! Not For Use in Humans.


IPG-1 is a yellow-green fluorescent, intracellular potassium (K⁺) indicator for measuring changes at most intracellular K⁺ concentrations. It is a small, synthetic fluorochrome which incorporates a K⁺-binding moiety. When K⁺ binds, the quenching is relieved and the fluorescence dramatically increases. IPG-1 has Ex/Em: 525 nm/545 nm and a high-sensitivity to detect small changes in K⁺ concentration. IPG-1 has a lower affinity (Kd = 50 mM) than IPG-2 (Cat. Nos. B3142, B3143; Kd = 18 mM) or IPG-4 (Cat. Nos. B3144, B3145; Kd = 7 mM). IPG-1 responds to modest changes in intracellular K⁺ concentrations resulting from activation of plasma membrane K⁺ channels. IPG-1 AM is the membrane permeable form of the potasssium indicator (Cat. No. B3141). Masking the negative charge using non-polar, ester-linked moieties (AM ester) allows the molecule to enter cells through passive diffusion. Once inside the cell, ubiquitous intracellular esterase enzymes promote rapid hydrolysis of the AM ester leaving the active, highly polar form of the indicator trapped inside the cell. IPG-1 is compatible with a wide variety of detectors including fluorescent microscopes, plate readers, flow cytometers, and fluorescent indicator-doped solid-state sensors.

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