Instant Lentivirus Detection Card

Protein Based Detection Card
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Product Details

Kit Summary A rapid detection card which targets lentiviral capsule proteins as a marker to determine lentiviral titer
Detection Method Detection is based on lentiviral capsule proteins as a marker
Applications • A rapid tool to detect Lentivirus
Features & Benefits • Rapid, easy and convenient
• Obtain results in 10-15 min
• Direct observation without any instruments
• High Sensitivity
Kit Components • Detection Card
Storage Conditions RT
Shipping Conditions RT
USAGE For Research Use Only! Not For Use in Humans.


BioVision’s Instant Lentivirus Detection Card is a rapid detection card which targets lentiviral capsule proteins as a marker to determine viral titer within 10 min. It is a simple lateral flow immunoassay and the results obtained are comparable to conventional infection-based assays that would take 3-4 days to complete. Results are in a red colour-readout format. The appearance of a control red band indicates a positive assay result. The card is recommended for detecting useable viral titer (at least 1 x 106 IU/ml) for downstream applications and/or to determine when to harvest lentiviral supernatant for optimal yield.

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Does the Instant Lentivirus Detection Card detect capsid protein p24?
Yes, it detects p24, not only in the packaging supernatant, but also those p24 molecules in the concentrated virus. There is also no need to lyse the concentrated virus