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HGF, human recombinant

A growth factor regulating cell growth, cell motility, and morphogenesis
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Product Details

Alternate Name Scatter Factor (SF), Hepatopoietin (HPTA), HGF, HGFB, F-TCF
Gene Symbol HGF
Gene ID 3082
Accession # P14210
Source CHO cells
Appearance Lyophilized protein
Physical Form Description The protein was lyophilized from a concentrated (1mg/ml) solution containing PBS pH 7.4 containing 0.05% Tween 20 and 100 mM L-arginine.
Molecular Weight 80.017 kDa
Purity by SDS-PAGE ≥97%
Purity by ≥97%
Biological Activity The ED₅₀, calculated by the dose-dependent proliferation of monkey 4MBr-5 indicator cells was found to be 20-40 ng/ml.
Reconstitution Instructions It is recommended to reconstitute the lyophilized Hepatocyte Growth Factor (HGF) in sterile 18MΩ-cm⁻¹ H₂O not less than 100 µg/ml, which can then be further diluted to other aqueous solutions.
Handling Centrifuge the vial prior to opening.
Storage Conditions -20°C
Shipping Conditions Gel Pack
USAGE For Research Use Only! Not to be used in humans


Hepatocyte Growth Factor (HGF) is a multifunctional growth factor which regulates both cell growth and cell motility. It exerts a strong mitogenic effect on hepatocytes and primary epithelial cells. HGF synergizes with Interleukin-3 and GM-CSF to stimulate colony formation of hematopoietic progenitor cells in vitro and may, therefore, also modulate hematopoiesis.HGF Human Recombinant produced in CHO is a heterodimer, non-glycosylated, polypeptide chain consisting an α-chain of 463 amino acids and β-chain of 234 having a total molecular mass of 80.017 kDa. The HGF is purified by proprietary chromatographic techniques.

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