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Heparin Sepharose Column

Columns with high binding capacity beads for affinity purification of heparin binding proteins
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6554-1 1ml
6554-5 5ml
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Product Details

Highlights • CONTENTS: Ready-to-use pre-packed columns of 1 ml or 5 ml bead volume in 20 % Ethanol/dH2O. > 2.5 mg heparin per ml Sepharose beads.
• FEATURES: Heparin-beads have been widely used in affinity purification of various heparin-binding proteins or ligand, such as antithrombin III, lipoprotein, DNA binding proteins (transcription factors, virus coat proteins etc.) and other ligands. BioVison’s Heparin-Sepharose is designed for the purpose of purification of these kinds of proteins and ligands. It can also be used as a high capacity cation exchange medium. Specific proteins can be separated by using different concentrations of salt or a salt gradient. This Heparin-Sepharose formulation exhibits excellent binding capacity, high flow rate, no significant loss of the heparin ligand and a pH stability range of 2-10.
• APPLICATIONS: Purification of heparin-binding proteins, enzymes or other ligands.
Storage Conditions 4°C
Shipping Conditions Gel Pack
USAGE For Research Use Only! Not For Use in Humans.


Heparin-Sepharose is prepared by covalently coupling heparin to epoxy-activated 6% cross-linked sepharose beads. The coupling was optimized to give a high binding capacity and could be greater than 0.4 mg of heparin-binding protein (such as thrombin) per ml of wet gel.

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How many times can we reuse the column?
The column can be reused up to 4-5 times without significant loss of binding following the regeneration protocol. We do not suggest using the same beads for different protein targets.
Can I put the heparin sepharose beads in other columns?
Yes, you can put the beads in other columns.