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Glucose Isomerase Activity Assay Kit (Colorimetric)

Easy kit for detecting and characterizing Glucose Isomerase preparations
Catalog #: K491

Product Details

Cat # +Size K491-100
Size 100 assays
Kit Summary Store kit at –20°C, protected from light. Warm all buffers to room temperature before use. Briefly centrifuge all small vials prior to opening.
Detection Method Colorimetric (OD = 570 nm)
Species Reactivity Bacteria, All
Applications Bacterial Lysates: E. coli, Streptomyces murinus, etc, Purified protein/preparations
Features & Benefits • Simple
• Rapid and convenient
• Compatible with bacterial lysates and purified protein/preparations
• Kit includes all the reagents required to measure GI activity
Kit Components GI Converter
GI Developer
GI Substrate
GI Positive Control (in Ammonium Sulfate)
Glucose Standard (100 mM)
GI Buffer
GI Probe (in DMSO)
Storage Conditions -20ºC
Shipping Conditions Gel Pack
USAGE For Research Use Only! Not For Use in Humans.


Glucose (Xylose) Isomerase (GI) (EC can catalyze the reversible conversion of glucose to fructose, and xylose to xylulose. GI has important industrial applications in the production of high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS). It is known HFCS is sweeter than glucose; thus it is widely used in foodstuff and pharmaceutical products. Additionally, additional research on using Glucose Isomerase in the production of biofuels has increased. BioVision’s Glucose Isomerase Activity Assay kit provides a quick and easy method for monitoring GI activity in various samples. In this Assay, Glucose Isomerase converts Fructose into Glucose. This isomerization is detected through a series of enzymatic reactions generating an intermediate that reacts with the Probe producing a stable chromophore with strong absorbance at OD = 570 nm. The assay is simple, sensitive and can detect Glucose Isomerase Activity as little as 50 µU in a variety of samples.

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