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DiaEasy™ Dialyzer 96-Well Format (12-14 kDa)

250 µl, 12-14 kDa MWCO, HTS compatible dialysis tubes in a 96-well format to accommodate multi-channel pipetting for buffer exchange
Catalog #: K1024

Product Details

Cat # +Size K1024-96
Size 1 kit
Highlights Most convenient, user friendly dialysis system on the market. Can be used for:
● Dialysis or buffer exchange of volumes between 10-250 µl.
● Dialysis and buffer exchange of 1 to 96 samples at a time.
● Best used for dialysis and buffer exchange in 96-well format using multi-channel pipettor.
● High throughput dialysis.
Storage Conditions RT
Shipping Conditions RT
USAGE For Research Use Only! Not For Use in Humans.


Biovision’s DiaEasy™ Dialyzer (12-14 kDa MWCO) are high performance dialysis tubes that allow rapid and clean dialysis of protein and nucleic acid samples with a 12-14 kDa molecular weight cut off. The DiaEasy™ tube’s membrane is ultra-clean, sulfur and heavy metal free and EDTA-treated which makes it suitable for molecular biology experiments. These tubes are autoclaved and bacteria free. The DiaEasy™ tubes allow rapid, secure and simple loading and recovery. The sample quality after dialysis can be checked by several assays commonly used for proteins and nucleic acids. The included 96-well format floating rack accommodates multi-channel pipetting for the dialysis of up to 96 samples per rack, with the ability to mix-and-match molecular weight cutoffs, if desired, with DiaEasy™ Dialyzer tubes of 250 µl volume for simultaneous dialysis in a convenient format.

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