Caspase Family Inhibitor Set III

Caspase family inhibitors
Catalog #: K210 | abID:

Product Details

Cat # +Size K210-8-25
Size 8x25 µl
Appearance Liquid
Formulation 2 mM (DMSO)
Molecular Formula See under the individual product
Molecular Weight See under the individual product
Purity See under the individual product
Handling Protect from air, light and moisture
Storage Conditions -20°C
Shipping Conditions Gel Pack
USAGE For Research Use Only! Not For Use in Humans.


A convenient set containing eight ready-to-use capase family inhibitors. The set contains 25 µl (2 mM in DMSO) each of the following five inhibitors: Caspase-1 Inhibitor, Z-YVAD(OMe)-FMK; Caspase-2 Inhibitor, Z-VD(OMe)-VAD(OMe)-FMK; Caspase-3 Inhibitor, Z-D(OMe)-E(OMe)-VD(OMe)-FMK; Caspase-5 Inhibitor, Z-WE(OMe)HD(OMe)-FMK; Caspase-6 Inhibitor, Z-VE(OMe)-ID(OMe)-FMK; Caspase-8 Inhibitor, Z-IE(OMe)-TD(OMe)-FMK ; Caspase-9 Inhibitor, Z-LE(OMe)HD(OMe)-FMK, and pan Caspase Inhibitor, Z-VAD(OMe)-FMK.

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