Carrez Clarification Reagent Kit

For preparation of food samples for further analysis

K809 is available from Abcam as ab202373.
Catalog #: K809 | abID: ab202373

Product Details

abID ab202373
Cat # +Size K809-100
Size 100 assays
Applications Unique tool to prepare food samples for further analysis (bioassay, HPLC etc.)
Features & Benefits • Samples prepared using this kit can be directly used in a wide variety of bioassays, HPLC etc.
Kit Components • Carrez Reagent I
• Carrez Reagent II
Storage Conditions RT
Shipping Conditions RT
USAGE For Research Use Only! Not For Use in Humans.


Carrez clarification reagents are used to treat a wide variety of samples intended to be analyzed by enzymatic or other means. The reagents cause precipitation of proteins and fats, elimination of interference due to a number of redox compounds, which can affect assays and eliminates turbidity and emulsions particularly in food testing. The treatment of samples with Carrez Clarification Reagents is simpler, less expensive and takes less time than other methods such as spin filtering. Use of Carrez reagents is not suitable for samples in which enzymatic activities are to be quantified. Most samples collected for analyses of small molecule analytes such as carbohydrates, alcohols, aldehydes and organic acids can be prepared using this reagent system. These reagents must not be used to prepare samples for analytes such as ascorbate, ammonia, citrate or analytes, which may be converted to these in enzyme based assays, such as urea ( ammonia), aconitate ( citrate). The procedure is quick, simple and dilutes samples by a minimal amount.

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